IMPORTANT- Always check the oil level with the vacuum pump running

oil seal  rotary Vacuum pumps are not intended for use on Amonia or Lithium Bromide (salt water) systems. Both of these systems will cause the pumps to lock up and be rendered inoperable. Use of oil seal  rotary pumps on either of these systems will void the warranty.

IMPORTANT- Always check the oil level with the pump running.

The reason for this is that if the vacuum is not broken before pumps are shut down the oil in the cover will seek the vacuum still in the cartridge and intake chamber. Then the oil level will drop in the sight glass and give the appearance of a low oil level. Then if the pump is refilled to the oil level line and the pump started, the oil that got sucked back into the cartridge and intake chamber will be kicked back into the cover and now you’ll be over filled and the oil will shoot out the handle (exhaust port).



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