When should I change my vacuum pump oil?

When should I change my vacuum pump oil?

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When should I change my vacuum pump oil?

In order to ensure long-lasting and reliable pump operation, it is necessary to pay attention to the level and quality status of the lubricating oil. During operation, both solid contaminants entrained in the refrigeration system as well as damp or acidified refrigerant flow through the pump, which adversely affects all pump elements and mechanisms. To monitor the condition and quality of the oil, a sight glass is installed in the body of each pump. When the oil observed in the sight glass is contaminated, it turns brown and begins to foam. After a long period of work, it is absolutely necessary to replace it with a new one. Even without the above mentioned symptoms, it is recommended to change the oil after every 100 hours of vacuum pump operation.

When should I change my vacuum pump oil?

How often does the vacuum pump oil change

Vacuum pump oil a special oil for vacuum pump, which is divided into mineral oil and oil, mainly play a lubricating role. Many people ask how often vacuum pump oil is changed? Actually, it depends on the actual situation. The working environment is good. It can last three to six months. Poor working environment, easy to let impurities into the tank, poor lubrication will wear out the vacuum pump. How often should vacuum pump oil be changed?

Analyze how long the vacuum pump oil should be replaced:

1. The service life of oil depends on the working environment. Draw a clean, dry gas and working temperature below 100 ℃ in the work environment, general every 500-2000 working hours or every six months to replace vacuum pump oil at a time.

2. In a very bad working environment, the oil should be replaced once within 500 working hours.

3. If the vacuum pump oil is found to be dark and brown, it should be replaced timely.

4. vacuum pump oil level is bigger when need to pay attention to the change, if the liquid level in the absence of gas increases a lot, consider whether there is a non-condensable gas fusion in the pump oil. If the liquid level drops a lot, see if there is oil spray phenomenon or long time air pumping, the oil fog is too large, resulting in serious oil consumption.

Anyhow, vacuum pump oil change how long a time, need you according to the actual situation to consider, if found between vacuum pump parts appear wear away, is likely to be the need to replace the vacuum pump oil, don’t delay, in order to avoid failure, I hope the above content can help to you.


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