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How do you filter vacuum pump oil?

Ever since I posted my Harvest Right Freeze Dryer Review, people have asked for more information about the freeze dryer oil change and filtering. It’s a simple process, but not something that’s required for other home food preservation methods. To show those who are curious exactly what’s involved, my sons help me put together a couple quick videos. The first one covers the freeze dryer oil change, and the second covers how to make an inexpensive oil filter.

How do you filter vacuum pump oil?

Quick Review of How the Harvest Right Freeze Dryer Works

During the freeze drying process, the food is frozen to well below zero. Then, a vacuum is pulled on the airtight chamber where the food is located. The pump used during the freeze drying process pulls air out of the food chamber, but it also gets some water and food bits. Right now, there’s no way to avoid this. This is why we need to change and filter the freeze dryer oil.