Application of vacuum pump in the oil and gas industry
Application of vacuum pumps in oil and gas and petrochemical industries

Vacuum pump in the oil industry
Vacuum pump in the gas industry
Vacuum pump in the petrochemical industry
Vacuum pump in reservoir leak test
Vacuum pump in anti-spark plug insulation leak test
Vacuum pump in the transmission of chlorine gas
Vacuum pump in the transmission of toxic and dangerous gases

Hydrogen vacuums (circulating water) are one of the most utilized vacuum in the oil and gas industry, and the role of hydrocarbons is indisputable in the industry, oil and gas, wherever transmissions and compressors of gases are concerned.

Including corrosive and hazardous gases, chlorine, CO2, explosive gases and highly toxic gases with vacuum circulating water pump (vacuum rings).

The role of hydrocarbon in extraction of methane in a coal mine In coal mines, a large amount of methane gas is liberated, the vacuum of water discharging the gases, then it stores through the outlet of the compressor and in the reservoirs.
Vacuum and vacuum in refinery towers

For the production, cutting, or various products of crude oil, the distillation towers are vacuumed, depending on the capacity of the vacuum pumps, vacuum pumps, vacuum reactors, or a combination of the two.

The vacuum reduces the boiling point and lighter hydrocarbon products, such as gas, gasoline, etc., get out earlier, and heavier hydrocarbons are obtained in the next cut.